Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd. Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.

Focus on high level job requirements

Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.

Gao Xiang Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(Upgoals)

Gaoxiang Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven local high-end executive search company in China, focusing on solving the demand for high-end positions with annual salaries of more than one million. Upgoals' consultant team has 5 to 7 years of experience in high-level talent hunting and practical operation, and has been deeply engaged in the fields of science and technology, finance, intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles and big health industry with ingenuity. Upgoals "Focus on professional + rely on big data talent pool + senior professional consultant team" to provide personalized and tailored solutions to help enterprises match talent needs and achieve business strategic goals. On the other hand, it provides candidates with professional career counseling and advice services, recommends the most suitable positions, provides a more suitable development path, and realizes the transformation of the workplace runway. "Provide first-class talent support for customer development, help every high-end elite to make the best use of their talents, achieve high goals of many parties, and achieve common high ambitions."


Upgoals's consulting team has 5-7 years of experience in high-level talent hunting, and has been deeply immersed in the three major industries of real estate, finance and internet. With years of high-quality delivery experience, wehave created an efficient and accurate talent hunting mode. Based on the industry trends and talent flow insights in big data analysis, combined with the evolution of the needs of the talent capability model at different stages of development, we could find the candidates that best meet the organizational characteristics and save time and opportunities for the talent strategy of customers.

Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.
Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.

Upgoals is committed to creating an open high-levelexecutive search service platform. So far, we have provided services to a number of listed companies and pre-listed companies, including the world's top 500, and are widely trusted by customers.

  • The More+

    The head of a battery enterprise research institute

  • Project More+

    Project Director of a subsidiary of a leading bus company

  • An More+

    An original imported health food e-commerce operation company - operation director position

Gao Xiang Consulting Co., Ltd.
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